Melissa Matta Physical Therapy and Pilates


 After having major surgery, I was very anxious about what to expect. I thought I’d find myself in a hard-core gym being whipped back in to shape. Instead, I found myself in a compassionate and professional environment full of caring people. Melissa, my therapist, has been a miracle worker. Her gentle and consistent techniques have helped me heal far faster than I ever would have expected. She also had great tips for dealing with scars and other post-surgical challenges that I never would have learned otherwise. I’m so grateful to everyone here and credit them with my rapid recovery. Many thanks!


After radiation, I developed a golf ball sized lump in my breast.  It was hard and painful.  I was told this was the "new" normal!  Not only was I concerned about my ability to detect another lump, I worried that there might be a lack of circulation and lymphatic movement in the area.  I also had pain when I lifted my arm.  To my amazement, Melissa reduced the golf ball to a marble and greatly improved my arm mobility.  She also corrected scar tissue in my abdomen after numerous surgeries.  Melissa is wonderful and I highly recommend her!!


I have been treated for lymphedema and myofascial release therapy by four other physical therapists.  Melissa is by far the most competent physical therapist.  She is head and shoulders above the rest.  She has a treasure of knowledge and experience which she shares with her clients.  She maintains contact with the patient's doctors and coordinates care.  She is always compassionate and caring.  She has magical hands and knows how to get the best results for the patient.  I will miss her!