Melissa Matta Physical Therapy and Pilates

Physical Therapy

Melissa's unique treatment philosophy utilizes manual therapy techniques to achieve optimal outcomes for her patients.  She combines soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilization with postural re-education, strengthening and self care.  Individualized treatments plans are designed to empower her pateints to overcome obstacles.  You will receive one on one specialized treatment in a caring environment. 


Pilates is a core focused exercise program designed to improve strength, flexibility and health.  It was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century.  He originally created the exercises rehabilitating soldiers in the hospital setting, but later became a integral part of training professional ballet dancers.  Pilates is unique in that it can be used in a rehabilitation setting at low levels and can also be used to strengthen and enhance performance for elite athletes.  It blends well with physical therapy because the movements are very controlled and specific.  In Pilates we can use a variety of equiment including the Reformer, Trapeze, Chair and Barrel.  We can also design a full exercise routine just on the Mat.   
Health insurance coverage is constantly changing, and as we all know, not usually for the better.  Health care providers have experienced the "pinch" as reimbursements continue to decline.  This often forces therapists to reduce the time spent one on one with the patients and often use aides to help.  I am not willing to sacrifice quality or time with my patients and continue to spend the full hour with my patients.  Because of this focus, patients most often require a reduced number of visits to acheive optimal results.  I do provide a Superbill for each patient and encourage them to access out of network physical therapy benefits.  My current fee schedule is:  Physical Therapy sessions: $135/ hour, Private Pilates $85/ hour.